Quality and certification

LabKings provides certified standard solutions for both Organics -GC, GC-MS, HPLC and Inorganics ICP, ICP-MS use. Our NIST traceable standard solutions are produced by an accredited laboratory according to ISO / IEC 17025 / 17034 (Guide 34) (A2LA). Quality systems of the manufacturer is tested by NSF-ISR ISO registered (9001: 2008). All our standard solutions are provided with a Certificate of Analysis (CofA) & Safety Data Sheet (SDS) documentation.

Concentrations for our standards are determined gravimetrically.  Materials are weighed out very accurately on a 4 decimal place balance and diluted to volume in class A glassware.  The concentration of the standard is based on the weight of material used and the volume it is diluted to.

LabKings also offers custom made solutions: please provide the elements / compounds, concentrations, (CAS number for Organics), volume and Matrix you require for your solution and LabKings will work with you developing to design the optimum product.

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