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Rebuild Service for Electron Multiplier for Ion Trap Device (ITD), (OEM 392049000)

LK5-10350 (OEM 0392049000)

The Model LK5-10350 is no longer available as a new unit. This is a **rebuild service** which requires returning your used electron multiplier to us.

It offers the highest levels of performance for Thermo Finnigan MAT Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers, and its design provides the lowest baseline noise of any commercially available detector. Clips into the instrument in seconds.

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748,00 €

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The Model LK5-10350 is a long-life, high-gain channel electron multiplier replacement designed for use in multiple makes and models of ion trap mass spectrometers, including Thermo ITD 700, 800, ITS40 and Magnum, PerkinElmer Ion Trap, and Varian Saturn I, II, III.

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